Pranayama & Asana Workshop


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Summer Dien is an internationally known yoga teacher of pranayama and ashtanga. Summer completed her training in 2013 with Paul Dallaghan. She worked at Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand for two years, where she taught pranayama and mysore style ashtanga. Summer continues to study extensively with her teachers Sri OP Tiwariji and Paul Dallaghan in the areas of pranayama and asana.
 She is trained in the classical pranayama practices of the Khaivalyadham lineage and in the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system.
 Summer has a liberal, non-dogmatic approach and believes in using the body in the most efficient and intelligent way possible. While non-traditional in some ways, she adheres to the general principles of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. She advocates modifying the poses to suit the student’s current needs and abilities. 

Summer is committed to the path of yoga and dedicates her life fully to supporting and uplifting others by passing on the ancient yogic practices of asana and pranayama. 

Within the past couple years, she has taught classes, given workshops and retreats in Bali, Singapore, Maldives, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Morocco, Costa Rica, and Belgium. Summer is very excited to serve the yoga community at Balanced Bodies and share her knowledge and experience.

Connect with Summer on social media: 

Instagram: @summer.dien

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Beginners Welcome! This workshop offers you the possibility to develop or go deeper into your pranayama practice and build/deepen your asana practice.

PLEASE COME ON AN EMPTY STOMACH (no food 4 hours before the workshop)!


1st half-Pranayama

Start your weekend off with a double dose of yoga and prepare for the next week!

We will begin with a guided contemplation on gratitude, forgiveness, and guidance. Then we will learn move through the kriyas, cleansing practices, designed to purify and cleanse the body and prepare it for the pranayama practice. We will then learn a couple different pranayamas, such as ujjayyi and sitali.


2nd half-Asana

Ashtanga Basics 

The sun salutations are the foundation of the practice. By doing them nicely and with awareness, we build a firm foundation which will prepare the body for more advanced postures later on. 

I will break down the sun salutations and make them accessible for all levels. Then I will cover some key standing, balancing and seated poses. Finally ending with spine strengthening and back bending. Modifications will be offered for all poses. Beginners very welcome!



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